New DeLorean 2017 Or De Tomaso Mangusta Prototype?! The Internet Went Crazy After This Concept! Read more:

At the moment, enthusiasts and collectors who want a DeLorean DMC-12 in their garage, need to find one of the 8.000 examples that are currently out there. They can also apply all the lessons we learned from the legendary “Back to the Future” film and go back into time. Anyway, gearheads went frenzy with anticipation as it was announced that the cult DeLorean is back in production. However, DMC released in an official statement that the pictures which accompany these articles are not a real depiction of the new DeLorean 2017.
In fact, it`s an amazing modern interpretation of a De Tomaso Mangusta illustrated by Maxime de Caiser in 2011.With its fiercely-raked windshield, ferocious side air inlets and pop-up rear wing, the De Tomaso concept looks flawless. We only ask ourselves, why is this not in production? In any case, the info about the DeLorean coming back into production next year is true!

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