These Kids Put “For Sale” Signs On Cars And The Reactions Are Priceless!

What would you do if all of a sudden your own car becomes ‘for sale’ car?
We find pranks hilarious as we see them on tv or even across the road, we start laughing and joking. But what would you do if you were part of them?
The pranksters just killed it this time with this phenomenal prank. Two kids starting putting ‘for sale’ cards on different people cars and their reaction is priceless. As they come out of the store or gas station and see a kid trying to call the number on the card put in the front of the car with ‘for sale’ written on it, they just become suspicious and start doubting themselves.

Some of them scream, even yell at the kid feeling threatened by the act of just seeing their car on market.
It’s all so hilarious to watch but when you imagine yourself being part of this prank, I am pretty sure you all would do the same reaction. it’s scary when you think about it, your own car not being yours for a while, its crazy.
But in the end, when they all found out it was just a joke they laughed as well, it’s easy to laugh when things aren’t that true, especially when it comes to your things, isn’t it?

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