This extreme engineering takes airplanes to a whole new level!

With the technology growing up each day, every single industry is trying to find new ways to put a new level in creating strange and powerful construction.
The new ideas involve a more efficient ride surrounded in pleasure and of course saving more money and time. The new beast is known as “a medium and long-range four-engine transport aircraft design in the 90s” and includes dual counter rotating propellers that are put on each side of the plane and spin in opposite directions.

Normal people like us don’t know much about aircraft, but with this new invention, we sure understand that is created to balance out the torque so that none of the sides overpower and makes flying much better. It took much time and effort to make this happen so they now are testing what they think will be the proper way of making the flying more efficient. Today we will go inside the testing of the propellers and see how everything is put in the right way and the result is in the fleet. A plane lover or not, we are sure that this kind of invention are in the interest of everyone since taking the plane to the nearest place we want to go is becoming more comfortable, at least we all want to enjoy our flight in the most comfortable way possible.

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